Dr. John Miller, Research consultant and expert witness that will find hard to locate information, evaluate scientific research, analyze statistical data and perform social science researches
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Does this sound familiar? You must find that crucial information to win your case -- that document, fact, data, record, whatever.

But it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. You can't find it.

Meanwhile, you're wasting valuable time searching. It's not cost-efficient. You need to prepare your case. And frankly, you didn't become a lawyer to chase down impossible-to-find information.

You need an accomplished information investigator. You need me--Dr. John Miller.

I can:

Find Hard-to-Locate Information

  • Uncover all the missing documents, even the ones you've never heard of.
  • Track down records, databases, historical information--you name it.
  • Follow every possible path to the information--all the way to the end.
  • Interview every essential person.
  • Prove who knew what when.
  • Utilize sources and methods only information professionals know.

Evaluate Scientific Research

  • Determine whether that study your opponent found really proves what it claims:
    • Does it follow accepted scientific procedure?
    • Do its results contradict what most other researchers have found?
  • Find, analyze and summarize cutting?edge knowledge on any topic.
  • Assess the statistical methods and the research design of any study.
  • Blend complicated results into simple truths juries can both comprehend and remember.

Analyze Data

  • Determine what that database you obtained during discovery really shows.
  • Query and distill the knowledge in all relevant expert databases.
  • Perform statistical analyses of experimental and survey data.
  • Explain the results so clearly that even people who hate math understand.

Perform Social Science Research

  • Lead focus groups to find the hidden, hot issues.
  • Conduct formal surveys to discover precisely what people think.

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