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Locating Hard-to-Find Information

Information Investigator, 3/98-3/02

I assisted one of the nation's ten largest law firms in defending a major manufacturer against 26 product-liability lawsuits. I located long-lost product-testing documents proving the company's component part had passed government inspection. The lead lawyer expected these documents would be "very important," but ultimately they were not needed, the defense prevailing on more basic issues.

Reporter, Discovery Channel Online,, 3/96-5/96

I wrote a 17-part series about the Chernobyl nuclear accident 10 years after, using translators for Soviet Union telephone interviews and tracking down a dozen participants now living in the United States. My stories revealed extensive and important new information that no other American journalist reported.

Reporter, Detroit Free Press, Detroit, MI, 4/73

Covering an oil-well blowout that filled a small town with natural gas, threatening a massive explosion. In my coverage I traced the cause of the crisis to unsafe drilling procedures and too-infrequent state inspections. My final story recommended new drilling regulations which the Michigan Legislature passed into law two months later.

Information Investigator, Levenger Press, Delray Beach, FL, 11/98-4/99

Asked to find a still-relevant "classic" book on learning how to learn, I discovered two "lost" Lewis Carroll books, out of print since the 1870's, which Levenger then republished. 11/98-4/99.

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Evaluating Scientific Research

Medical Writer, Mosby Consumer Health, New York, NY, 12/96-6/97

I wrote 50+ articles for a CD-ROM home health encyclopedia. For each separate topic I evaluated the latest research findings from around the world.

Research Consultant, WETA-TV (PBS), Washington, DC, 3/00-5/00

I reviewed evidence in several social sciences to find story ideas for a proposed PBS documentary on human behavior.

Television Health and Science Reporter, WSVN (NBC), Miami, FL, 3/85-3/88

I reported on health, environment and the other natural sciences, winning a national award.

Television Science Reporter, WEWS (ABC), Cleveland and Newscope, Los Angeles, 3/83-9/84

I covered science and medicine for a nationally syndicated daily TV news show and its Cleveland affiliate, winning local and state awards.

Science Reporter, Detroit Free Press, Detroit, MI, 2/73-9/73

I covered all the natural sciences, winning a national award.

Marine Biological Laboratory Science-Writing Fellowship, Woods Hole, MA, 6/99

I studied molecular biology and graduate-level neurobiology for one month, including 10+ hours a day of laboratory research training.

Psychology Lecturer, John Carroll U. and Cuyahoga Comm. College, Cleveland, OH, 9/91-6/96 part-time

I taught introductory psychology, personality theories, and the psychology of children, adults and the aged.

Teaching Assistant, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 9/74-5/77

I taught undergraduate courses in introductory psychology and elementary research design and statistics.

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Analyzing Data

Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 5/80 - 8/81

I analyzed my dissertation data using LISREL path analysis, a cutting-edge statistical technique at the time.

Senior Analyst, Market Opinion Research, Detroit, MI, 9/77-6/78 part-time

I analyzed data and wrote final reports for a wide variety of academic and commercial surveys, including marketing analyses and public-opinion polling.

Research Assistant, University of Michigan, 9/78-1/79

I analyzed nationwide data on teenagers' drug use, looking for causes and predictors of which teens will become drug abusers.

Statistics Reporter, NASW Newsletter, ScienceWriters, 8/99

I wrote an article explaining a critical statistical error in a New England Journal of Medicine article.

Statistics Instructor, National Association of Science Writers (NASW), 2/99

I taught a two-hour seminar at the national meeting of the NASW.

Statistics Consultant, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, 7/98-9/98 part-time

I helped plan a two-day statistics symposium for medical journalists.

Teaching Assistant, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 9/76-5/77

I taught an undergraduate course in research design and elementary statistics.

Research Assistant, Harvard Business School, 7/66-9/66

As an undergraduate I analyzed data on a mainframe computer in a Harvard Business School study of the organizational effectiveness of the Internal Revenue Service.

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Performing Original Social Science Research

Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 5/80 - 8/81

Although I am a social psychologist, I wrote a political-science dissertation, Multidimensional Evaluations of Government: Rethinking the Trust in Government Concept, to explain a deep, multi-year decline in U.S. citizens' trust in government.

Co-Author, "Academic Achievement and Self-Evaluation of Academic Performance," Journal of Educational Psychology, Vol. 73, pp. 335-344, 1981

Our study found that better students were more accurate than average or below-average students in predicting their final grade in an introductory psychology course.

Senior Analyst, Market Opinion Research, Detroit, MI, 9/77-6/78 part-time

I carried out survey research projects for a variety of commercial and academic clients. I wrote stories for the Detroit News Poll, a recurring snapshot of the Michigan population. I helped conduct marketing surveys for the Atlanta Constitution and Toronto Globe and Mail.

Research Assistant, University of Michigan, 9/78-1/79

I conducted research for the federal government's widely cited annual survey of teenagers' drug use.

Market Research Consultant, Sayco, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI., 9/81-3/83 part-time

Working for a national faucet manufacturer, I conducted focus groups and a survey with independently employed plumbers to determine their reasons for buying one brand rather than another.

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