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You don't have time to look for a needle in a haystack.

Even if you had time, it's not cost-efficient. You can't afford to get bogged down on any one task. Too many other cases and people are putting demands on your time.

So when you must find crucial information to win your case, when the right information might well tip the scales of justice in your direction, hiring a specialist will save you time and money. I can give your search all the time it requires to find the critical information you need to win your case.

The key to finding long-lost or elusive information is perseverance. Dogged, exhaustive tracking down of every possible location is essential.

For instance, when I was retained to find product-testing documents proving that a component part produced by a large manufacturer facing 26 product-liability lawsuits had passed government inspection, I was able to identify 10 possible paths to the information. In the end, nine of them turned out to be dead ends. But the tenth path yielded more quality information than the client had ever hoped to find. Its part had actually passed inspection several different times in varying circumstances!

My successes as an information investigator cover a range of topics and time periods, one dating back 120 years. You can see them all on the Work Examples page.

To go to the Work Examples page to see Dr. John Miller's work locating hard-to-find information, click here.